Dress (included in Korea pre wedding packages)

Noblesse SMD’s Korea pre wedding packages include makeup, hair, dress, tuxedo, and photo shoot session. There are hundreds of bridal gown shops for Korea pre wedding and actual wedding ceremonies. Most of our shop selections have wedding gowns for both pre wedding package and actual ceremonies. Below lists are carefully selected by Local planners from Korea. Prices for each shops are a bit different (40~100USD). However, most of our list are included in our package price.

Size information

The basic package include 3 – 4 dresses depend on wedding gown shop’s policy. A bride usually wear 3 dresses per korea pre wedding photo session.

  • 1 Fluffy big dress.
  • 1 Slim Mermaid dress.
  • 1 mini dress.
  • Or/And colored evening dress

All the wedding gowns are FREE size. Dresses have ropes on the back to tighten brides’ bodies.

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