Noblesse SMD x Monoscale special package

Noblesse SMD x Monoscale

special korea pre wedding photography package

korea pre wedding packages

Monoscale studio sets

Tulip package

Dress+frame+helper+original photos+10edited digital photo

550,000krw About 500USD/40,000HKD

same price for all the sets 1~8


Rose package

2Dress+frame+helper+original photos+10edited digital photo

750,000krw About 650USD / 5400HKD

same price for all the sets 1~8


Additional Items

Accessories (bowtie,bridal shoes,flower,tiara,veil etc) FREE
1 Tuxedo 150,000krw / about 120USD/1,000HKD
2 Tuxedo 200,000krw / about 180USD/1,400HKD
Makeup & Hair (bride&groom) 330,000krw / about 280USD/2,350HKD
Album 20p + 20 Edited digital photos 200,000krw / about 180USD/1400HKD
Speed up the album to be ready in 4days 150.000krw / about 120USD/1,000HKD
Interpreter 200,000krw / about 180USD/1,400HKD
International shipping (album/frame) 100,000krw / about 90USD/700HKD
Hotel pickup / drop off 50,000krw / about 45USD/350HKD
4K video (uncut documentary) 220,000krw / about 200USD/1,500HKD
4K video (MV style) 370,000krw / about 330USD/2,600HKD



Tulip package + All the additional items

1,800,000 -> 1,435,000 you save 365,000krw (about 350USD) !!!

Rose package + All the additional items

2,000,000 -> 1,575,000 you save 425,000krw (about 400USD) !!!

  1. Original photos will be ready at the same day you are shooting.
  2. Edited photos will be ready in about 30days from your shooting date.
  • Monoscale –

Monoscale, as known as Alice wedding korea, has been in Korean wedding industry for 8 years, providing top quality / lowest price to couples in Korea. Monoscale is the first and only company which breaks down the package details with each prices. They own 8 beautiful sets of studios and has been providing pre wedding photography packages with reasonable price to Korean couples. They are collaborating with Noblesse SMD to provide the same package to foreigners from 2018. You will never find a similar package with this amazing price in Korea.

How to customize your korea pre wedding package ???

  1. choose your favorite set.
  2. choose your options.
  3. ask us with wechat, kakaotalk, line, whatsapp
  4. make deposit.
  5. shoot the photo!