Regular Price

2 Day Package

2Day - Studio package -1

3rd world – 2Day

Chungdam  – 2Day

Lapromese – 2Day

Pium – 2Day

Art – 1Day

Yongma Land – 2Day

Ephoto essay – 2Day

Marigold – 2Day

Lumiere – 2Day

Sum – 2Day

Gaeul – 2Day

St. Jungwoo – 2Day

May  – 2Day

Greeda – 2Day

Married – 2 Day

Scent – 2Day

Piona – 2Day

Dong gam – 2Day

Pentagraphy – 2Day

Promotion discount will be effective on all the studio packages above with regular price.

Please ask us for details

There are 1 day packages and 2 day packages of Korea prewedding photo session. The biggest difference between 1 day and 2 day is weather you take separate Wedding gown shop / makeup shop or take a total service in the Studio.

Some of Korea prewedding studios have their own selections of Wedding gown / Tuxedo / makeup artists in their studio buildings. 1 Day package would be a wise choice for people who are seeking an express photo shoot session which takes only 1 day. However, You can take more time to go to a wedding gown shop a day before actual shooting day and go to  makeup shop separately by taking our 2 Day packages.

As you can see in each studio’s samples, Expensive studio package doesn’t mean good quality. It is just a matter of their different policy or name value.

Our list is showing you one of the best, qualified studios and service only with the lowest price among Korea prewedding agencies. So, take a look and tell us what you are interested in.

for more details about what is in the package or how to process, please go to our FAQ.

or please register to see the whole details about each studio.

Seoul Outdoor Only

korea outdoor photo shoot

LaLa Land


Bong Studio

korea pre wedding packages bong studio

King's Palace - Hanbok

king's palace korea


korean prewedding package


pre wedding - most

A. Graphy

pre wedding - a graphy

Seoul Outdoor (Monds)

korea prewedding outdoor

Nadri studio

korea prewedding photoshoot

Gaeul Studio

korea pre wedding photoshoot

In A Sec. Studio

korea pre wedding package

Classis Studio

korea pre wedding package

3rd World Studio

Theface Studio - limited discount -

the face studio's korea pre wedding photo sample

Ephoto Essay Studio

korea prewedding photo sample

May Studio

Varde Studio - limited discount -

Cherry Blossom Outdoor - Only in April

cherry blossom outdoor of korea prewedding

Chungdam Studio

Yongma Land

korea prewedding video

Sum Studio

korea prewedding

JEJU-outdoor "M"

korea prewedding in jeju

JEJU-outdoor "D"

korea prewedding in jeju D

JEJU- Cappuccino studio

korea prewedding photography package

Lumiere Studio

DongHaeng + Yongma land

korea prewedding

Grayscale Studio

korea prewedding sample photo

Pium Studio

korean pre wedding photo

Married Studio

korea pre wedding photography package

Lapromese Studio

Marigold Studio

korea prewedding sample photo

Spazio Studio-Natural & Neat

Thara studio

Piona studio

Dal Scooter studio (Monoglow)

Dal Studio (Luvchip)

korea prewedding photo

Scent Studio

korea pre wedding photoshoot

Donggam Studio

Rari Scene Seven Studio

One Fine Day Studio (Ever After)

link to korea prewedding studio

Art Studio

korea prewedding

Greeda Studio

korea prewedding greeda studio

Sky 8 Studio

Wonkyu Studio (Noblesse)

Wonkyu Studio (Masterpiece)

Wonkyu Studio (Difference)

ST Jungwoo Studio

Andrew Kwon Studio

korea prewedding photoshoot

Pentagraphy Studio

kroea prewedding photoshoot

There are hundreds of Korea prewedding photo studios  in Korea. Countless couples come visit Korea for prewedding photo session plus little travel plan through Korea. Noblesse SMD ( is providing studios from the best of the best studios in Korea. Studios have different price/ style/ concept/ size/ locations/ services etc. We listed up with only limited studios which we can proudly recommend to our clients including the best quality makeup shop/ dress shop.